Compare Credit Cards

Before you hit the apply button on a new credit card, it’s a great idea to compare credit cards and see what benefits and features are available. At Partners Financial FCU, we offer two quality credit cards. You can choose if you want to take advantage of our lowest possible interest rate, or if you want to earn points on purchases and redeem them for a variety of rewards.


Partners Financial Federal Credit Union Credit Card Comparison

Our credit card comparison table shows that both our credit cards offer a wide range of benefits and features, including no annual fee, no balance transfer fee, and access to Mobile Banking and Digital Wallet. When comparing our credit cards, your decision will come down to what you value most: extra low rates vs. a selection of rewards.

Compare Credit Cards VISA Platinum Card VISA Platinum Rewards Card
Best For Members who want to secure our lowest possible rate to save on interest Members who want to earn points on purchases and enjoy a range of rewards
Lowest Interest Rates and APR* starting at 8.85% x
Earn Points on Purchases Over $15 x
Redeem Points for Rewards like Cash, Gift Certificates, and Travel x
No Application Fee x x
No Annual Fee x x
No Balance Transfer Fee x x
No Cash Advance Fee x x
Same APR for Balance Transfers, New Purchases, and Cash Advances x x
25-Day Grace Period on Purchases x x
Mobile and Home Banking x x
Digital Wallet with Apple Pay and Google Pay x x
Accepted Worldwide x x

How to Apply for a Partners Financial FCU Credit Card

  1. Compare credit union credit cardsto choose the best one for you.
  2. Submit your application online or visit a branch in Richmond, VA.
  3. Get pre-approved to find out your likely credit limit and rate.



“Friendly service and great products offered to members.”

– Sheila S., Richmond, Virginia

FAQs About Credit Union Credit Card Comparison

If you’re still not sure which Partners Financial FCU Visa Credit Card is right for you, here are a few common questions to help you compare credit cards.

How do I compare credit cards and choose the best one for me? ⮟

The best Visa credit card for you is the one that has the features and benefits you want and need. When selecting a card, look at everything it offers and compare that to your spending habits. Then select the card that gives you what you need most.

Do you need different credit scores to qualify for different credit cards? ⮟

Both our credit cards are available to members with a range of credit scores. We will look at your entire financial profile when deciding whether or not you qualify for a credit card. Our goal is to ensure you can comfortably keep up with your payments so you can stay on top of your finances and your credit score keeps improving.

Will I get the same APR for both credit cards? ⮟

The starting APR for our Visa Platinum Card is lower than our Visa Platinum Rewards Card, so it’s unlikely you would get exactly the same annual percentage rate (APR) for both cards. Keep in mind that higher credit scores tend to get lower rates, no matter which card you choose.

Do both credit cards have the same fees – or no fees? ⮟

Both our credit cards come with no application fee, annual fee, balance transfer fee, or cash advance fee! You will need to pay a fee if you miss a payment on your credit card or have a returned payment.

Can I transfer balances from other credit card issuers to both Partners Financial FCU cards? ⮟

Yes, you can transfer balances from other credit cards to both our Visa credit cards. You don’t need to pay a balance transfer fee. Just set up your balance transfer and start saving by moving your balances to one of our low-rate cards. The rate you get will be the same for balance transfers, new purchases, and cash advances.

Do Partners Financial FCU credit cards offer introductory rates on balance transfers? ⮟

No, we don’t offer an introductory rate on our credit cards. Instead of offering a low rate only at the beginning, we offer a low rate throughout the life of your credit card. So you don’t have to worry about your rate increasing after 6 or 12 months.

Should I get pre-approved for both credit cards before submitting my final application? ⮟

It’s a good idea to get pre-approved for a credit card so you know what rate and credit limit you’re likely to get. But when it comes to Partners Financial FCU credit cards, it makes sense to compare credit cards first and then apply for only the one you want.

Why is it better to get a credit card from a credit union? ⮟

Credit unions are member-owned not-for-profit financial institutions, so they pass on their profits to their members through lower rates and fewer fees. That alone means you’ll save money by financing through a credit union. But there are other benefits too.

Credit unions are known for their outstanding local service and commitment to their community. Loan decisions are made locally and not by an impersonal algorithm, so you’ll have a much more personable experience. We see you as more than just a number. We’ll listen to your story and help you get the products and services you need.

Choose Partners Financial for Your Visa Credit Card

Now that we’ve completed our credit card comparison, you’re ready to take the next steps and apply for your preferred card. At Partners Financial FCU, we’re proud to offer you lower rates and fewer fees so more of your monthly payment goes to paying down your balance. You’ll be less likely to miss payments and more likely to boost your credit score!


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Credit Card Balance Transfer

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*Annual Percentage Rate (APR) based on member’s overall financial profile and credit history. APR will be assessed 1% higher on rewards cards. Rates subject to change. Please consult with a loan officer for full details. Other restrictions may apply.

Over the credit limit fee and late payment fee is $25.00. Card replacement fee is $7.00. A fee of 1% will be imposed on all foreign transactions, including purchases, cash withdrawals, cash advances and credits to your account. A foreign transaction is any transaction that you complete or a merchant completes on your card outside of the U.S., Puerto Rico or the U.S. Virgin Islands. A VISA Credit Card will be issued in the name of the APPLICANT(S) ONLY.

You are leaving the Partners FFCU website and will be linked to an alternate Internet site not operated by the credit union. Partners FFCU is not responsible for the content of the alternate Internet website. Partners FFCU does not represent either the third party or you if the two of you enter into a transaction. Please be aware that privacy and security policies on the website to which you are being taken may differ from those practiced by Partners FFCU.

A $15. Convenience fee will be automatically added to your payment amount. Your maximum total payment amount (including the $15 convenience fee) cannot exceed $800. Payments initiated and approved by 3:00pm will be applied to your loan on the same business day. Payments initiated and approved after 3:00pm, or on a day that the credit union is closed (weekends and holidays), will be applied on the next business day. If you have a PFFCU debit card, please log into home banking to make your loan payment.

Please select OK to confirm and continue to the payment form.

Excludes mortgages and home equity lines of credit. A $25 fee is due at set-up for each loan. Loan must have been open for at least 6 months. Past due accounts do not qualify. One skip-a-pay allowed per calendar year (Jan-Dec).