What’s The Best Financial Institution For Personal Loans?

Posted on November 14, 2018


When you need a personal loan, you need flexibility. You need a lender willing to help you out and listen to your situation.

The best bank for personal loans must provide you with a few fundamentals. The financial institution should lend you enough to handle your needs while also remaining affordable.

Finding The Best Bank For Personal Loans

When it comes to flexible lending and practical costs, a credit union may be the better option over a bank.

A credit union could very well open the door to a new loan when a traditional bank may say no.

Credit unions are more people-focused. They are not designed to create the largest profit margins like large banks. And, they tend to focus on providing services within the local community.

Additionally, as a member of the credit union, you benefit immediately. Many offer profit-sharing models. And, members typically get nice benefits.

This limited insight explains why you should consider a credit union over searching far and wide for the best bank for personal loans.

Why Credit Unions Are Best For Personal Loans

If you are thinking about applying for a personal loan, there are a few big reasons why credit unions are the best place to find the funds.

Low Rates

Typically, interest rates at a credit union are lower than those paid by a typical bank.

First, consider your options. You may be tempted to turn to an online lender. It may not even have a physical structure for you to walk into, but it looks like it offers good loan opportunities. Rates here tend to be higher than at a credit union. You could visit a local bank to you. The same would apply. Interest rates are typically higher.

When it comes to defining what is most important when choosing a loan, interest rates are at the core. Even a small variance in rates can make a sizable difference in how much you have to pay throughout the lifetime of the loan.

Flexible Lending

If you were to apply for a personal loan through a traditional bank, most will require a great deal of information.

For example, you may want the loan to start a business. In this case, a bank would require you to bring in a business plan with the details completed already.

If you want to consolidate your credit cards, they want to see all of your debt and how it will break down – they may not even cut you the check but instead pay your creditors directly.

Or, if you want to make home repairs, a bank could ask about your contractors and details of your plans.

This can all be frustrating and difficult, making you feel like there are more hoops to jump through than necessary.

With a credit union, you gain the flexibility to obtain a loan that is fitting to your needs.

While information and paperwork are similarly required, credit unions are capable of offering terms you can afford. They are also more understanding of your financial goals and want to see you transform your financial landscape by offering you the products to help you do so.

Widespread Lending

A primary reason why credit unions stand out is that they are willing to lend to many people.

A big, traditional bank is constrained by risk.

In every case, the lender must determine a person’s risk level. Then, they apply that to the risk the company is willing to take on. They have very stringent guidelines and rules. If you don’t fit within that area, the traditional bank is forced to deny the loan.

To be clear, credit unions still need to look at things like credit score and employment history. It is very valuable information.

Credit unions lend to individuals with whom they’ve built relationships and history. In this sense, it’s an added bonus that they can see that you have money tucked into savings, and they’re already aware that you work consistently. These factors work in your favor and help you qualify for a personal loan.

Fast, Easy Application Process

Another nice benefit of choosing a credit union for a personal loan is that the application is processed much faster.

With a credit union, there are fewer underwriters and steps in the process. Most even allow you to apply online unless you prefer to complete the application in person at your local branch.

Regardless of who you choose as the best bank for personal loans, you’ll need to be able to provide personal information. This includes details on your income, employment, and assets.

Quicker Approval

An easier application process yields a faster approval time.

Again, there are simply fewer steps. This means you learn if you can obtain the personal loan sooner. With most credit unions, the process is much quicker, so you can begin using your funds sooner instead of waiting weeks for an answer.

Community Benefits

Credit unions dedicate some of their efforts to supporting the local community. When you borrow money, you are helping a local community to grow.

If you were to obtain a large loan from a big bank, those profits from the interest charged go to the company. It is never seen within the community.

Yet, within credit unions, the members continue to profit from those funds. Essentially, the money you pay to borrow money is doing more to benefit your community and even you.

Choosing The Best Credit Union For Personal Loans

The best bank for personal loans is one you can trust to give you a fair opportunity.

Even if you are not sure where to borrow from, a credit union can help you with one-on-one support and guidance.

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